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Just don't look at these ones; look at my whole gallery...please?

and i thank you muchly for the faves! :tighthug::iconawwwplz: :+fav:
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United Kingdom
Hey, and welcome to my dA page! :heart:

not much to say really apart from me being really inactive most of the time.
I like to draw nintendo things mostly, especially Mario and Pokemon related.

I am studying Physics, astronomy, astrophysics and space science. :star: because its the best science! ;p

I like to draw for the fun of it. And I have made some really nice friends on here, so i hope that if you're reading this you will too :aww:

Im not insensitive, and i will reply and comment when i have the time. please be patient with me and I'll gurantee more art :heart:
Hey everyone! I would just like to apologise in advance for not posting for a while! Basically I have moved house, and I didn't have internet until mid-February :/

And then I didn't realise how busy I was with uni stuff! X.X

But I haven't forgotten, I have all the rough sketches for everything, I just haven't had the chance to complete them :s

Luckily though I will be back mire frequently with uploads in the second week of April, as that's when my break starts! And after those 4 weeks its revision and exams in June!

So please just bare with me a little longer, and to those who I haven't got back to, well I'm updating this using my phone, so I probably won't be able to respond until I use my laptop again.

I will love to thank the people who support my art, it really means a lot. I'm glad people like them. They may not be as amazing as realistic stuff, but hey, its my own unique style x3

Anyways I'm probably off to bed soon. Again I am really sorry for being tardy, I couldn't help it :(

I will probably do commissions again in the summer after my exams as then I will have soo much free time.

The life of a physics student :3

Edit: Are my prices too steep for my talent? I thought they were pretty cheap compared to other peoples I saw :/ I guess I was just expecting too much, but I wanted to do commissions so I could support myself a little, I don't have a job due to my lecture schedule being all over the place :(

Heya guys! how are you doing?! :iconsayhiplz:

so! as you guys must have noticed by now...i am doing pastel versions of heads of different nintendo characters! so far i have only done Peach, Daisy and Rosalina, but this is where you guys come in! I need a list of other characters (preferably if the are female, but i can do males) and so far i have ideas of:

Rosalina- Star!
Peach- Star!
Daisy- Star!
Zelda No Star
Toadette No Star
Palutena No Star
Lucina No Star
Robin No Star
Zero-suit Samus No Star
Princess Shokora (young version more likely) No Star
Princess Eclair (i will design her from scratch) No Star
Princess Cherry No Star
Princess Hibiscus No Star
Lady Timpani (my version of her) :star-empty:

i cant think of any more....atm but please if you have some ideas i am more then happy to listen!



So i will be doing a mixture of point AND money commissions! something for everyone! :) (Smile)

basically i have been told by my friends that my art is good enough to make a little bit of money. and so thats what i want to try Aww

basically i will split this into point and normal commissions. point commissions listed first, and then money commissions. then i will explain my rules below!~

Point commissions!

Pastel headshots: Points 40
Daisy in Pastels by Peach-X-Yoshi   Peach in Pastels by Peach-X-Yoshi  Rosalina in Pastels by Peach-X-Yoshi

Personal avatars (using pre-made sprites): Points 15
avatar for DaisyAndLuigiLove by Peach-X-Yoshi   avatar for Prettyeyedjade by Peach-X-Yoshi   avatar for YoghurtRaspberry by Peach-X-Yoshi   avatar for zeldafan2010 by Peach-X-Yoshi  Avatar for gracecardaisyfan539 by Peach-X-Yoshi 

a doodle of any character (pen Points 60, Pencil Points 50) basically, one colour pieces as below:
(gonna have to get out my old pieces of work as i dont have any new ones T.T but they will look better then this trust me)
Cherry dewdle by Peach-X-Yoshi   rosalina pencil sketch by Peach-X-Yoshi   princess rosalina pen shading by Peach-X-Yoshi

Simple hand drawn A5 sized pictures:  Points 70 + Points10 for any additional characters each +Points15 for simple background.
Me As Minun by Peach-X-Yoshi    Dark Toon Link by Peach-X-Yoshi   Rosalina's Family by Peach-X-Yoshi   RQ - 4 Aqua Girls by Peach-X-Yoshi   Super Paper Mario Villians Humanised by Peach-X-Yoshi

Linearts for yourself to colour: Points 50 + Points10 for additional characters each
Rosalina the angel - Lineart by Peach-X-Yoshi  


Money Commissions! (accept UK and US, and will be charging the same. 1 UK pound = 1.5 US dollar at current time i write this.) (will update this everyday so check back to see if you get a better value for money! (which isn't that good for me but ah well XD)

your very own support stamp! £1/$1.50, £1.50/$2 for a big circle one
I support KingdomTwilight :D by Peach-X-Yoshi  I support Matachu stamp by Peach-X-Yoshi  I support ZatchHunter-Stamp by Peach-X-Yoshi  I support SapphireSparkle by Peach-X-Yoshi
(note: these are ones I made as gifts for friends)

Simple chibi digital/traditional pictures: £2/$3 + £1/$1.5 for additional character + £1.50/$2.25 for simple bg:
The 3 Fire Princesses! by Peach-X-Yoshi   #711 - Gourgeist by Peach-X-Yoshi   Yoshi and his fruit by Peach-X-Yoshi   #176 - Togetic by Peach-X-Yoshi  How To Remember Mum by Peach-X-Yoshi

Fully drawn traditional character: £3/$4.50, Digital Character: £4/$5.50 + £1/$1.5 for additional character:
Princess Cherry makes a comeback! by Peach-X-Yoshi   Lucy and Plue by Peach-X-Yoshi   Olympic Games: Rhythmic Ribbon - Rosalina by Peach-X-YoshiPrincess Cherry - Anime Style *u* by Peach-X-Yoshi Gardevoir, Gothitelle, Gothorita And Kirlia by Peach-X-Yoshi  Count Blumiere X Lady Timpani by Peach-X-Yoshi

Fully drawn digital character with bg: £5/$6.50 + £1/$1.5 for additional character:
Captain Falcon by Peach-X-Yoshi   Hibiscus And Cherry~ 2015 by Peach-X-Yoshi   Pumpkaboo, Gourgiest, Trevenant and Phantump by Peach-X-Yoshi Black Rabbit - Kuro Usagi by Peach-X-Yoshi

A full set of chibis: £5/$6.5 for a set of 4, + £0.50/$0.75 for each additional one (so 2 extra chibis = £1/£1.5) etc.
MLP:FiM - Humans :D by Peach-X-Yoshi  ~eeveelutions~ by Peach-X-Yoshi


                                           ~.:RULES/GUIDELINES:.~ (this goes for points too)

1. If you want something, I would like to be paid in advance, because I know that some people on here in the past that have done commissions and the person never paid them for it. However I will notify you when I would like to do the transaction, so that there is no arguement if you pay straight away and i forget about it. it never ends well :/ :aww:

2. If you have paid for something, and I have drawn it, i will not accept refunds. I will do the best to my ability :) if the drawing needs tweaking then I can do that, but if you tell me to redraw the whole thing, im not going to do it, sorry guys :)

3. when requesting something, please give me picture references!! i can't draw something you want if I have no idea what they look like now can I? plus it saves me time trying to search for your character XD im a very busy woman! ;P

4. you can only have 1 slot at a time! this makes it fair for those who maybe want something but dont get a chance to if its all filled up with the same person :)

5. I'm afraid for the money commissions, I can only do it through paypal. If you are unsure of how to pay via this method, then check out this tutorial! --> How to send money using PAYPAL

What I can do:
Bullet; Green Princess OC's
Bullet; Green OC's in general
Bullet; Green Males and Females (though im better with females)
Bullet; Green Furries (to an extent)
Bullet; Green anime characters (any)
Bullet; Green Any fandom is welcome, even though my mains are nintendo and anime.

What I can't do:
Bullet; Red Hentai/explicit drawings
Bullet; Red some types of fetish art, sorry guys but theres some stuff i do not wish to draw.
Bullet; Red mecha type OCs with detailed armour etc
Bullet; Red large-ish people

I think thats about it...:meow:
Oh yea!
please note me of what you would like for your commission if you choose to have one, so that I can star it in my inbox as to not forget :)

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Slots for Point commissions!Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

1. lightvanille :star:
2. Number1MarioFan247 :star-empty:
3. ClarinetPeachy :star-empty:
4. princesseclairtippi :star-empty:

Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Slots for Money commissions!Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red 

1. SoccerMango :star-empty:


  • Mood: Artistic

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